Siegen, Night of the 1000 Lights | Ovid's dream

A danced dream world of light and shadow

Light installations, burning shoes, dancing shadows: Theater Anu transforms parks into a dreamlike garden of transformations - a feast for the senses. Mysterious, sensual and touching at the same time: international dancers from Spain, Italy and Germany trace the 2000-year-old mystery of the "Metamorphoses" by the Roman poet Ovid: Why does he transform his heroes into trees, birds, stones or stardust instead of into better people?

Theater Anu creates a walk-in dream world of light and sound. What awaits you here for 2.5 hours will stay with you for a long time: danced passion - poetic, mystical, hypnotic. Sound collages of selected stories by the Roman poet, dance, body art and a play with light and shadow form the round dance about the power of human existence.



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An event within the framework of the NIGHT OF 1000 LIGHTS.

Siegen Castle Park

From 10 pm

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