With this production, the Berlin Theater Anu thrilled, enchanted and disturbed. Visually opulent and profound. The concept is ingenious: if you take two and a half hours, you can fully immerse yourself in a fascinating interpretation of the ancient world of myths. Those who don't need it so educated can enjoy an opulent rush of images complete with haunting sounds during a flying visit.

Sindelfingen Newspaper

Some visitors may have been puzzled, but those who got involved with this production of sound collages, sound installations, projections, shadow theatre and fire, paired with dance and pantomime, immersed themselves in a midsummer night's dream à la Shakespeare and experienced a new dimension of theatre on the "Via Theatro". And the forest park also unfolded all its breathtaking romanticism.

Cologne Review

After the performance, there was a magical finale. The Theater Anu from Berlin - poetic theatre in public space - had staged Ovid's Metamorphoses in the grounds around the Park Theatre. With the help of candle-lit shoes, the audience was led through a kind of bizarre dreamscape, sometimes lovely, sometimes extremely disturbing. With sound collages, sculptures, projections and shadow theatre combined with contemporary dance and movement art, the audience was almost magically drawn into the depths, or rather the abysses, of human passions. Strangely moved, one stepped out of this dream world afterwards, out of the sounds of words.

The West

Visitor comments

"We were very touched by the wonderful, subtle and impressive performances and talked about them again and again for days to come."

Visitor, Tempelhofer Feld Berlin

"That was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! I could have stayed there for days. The whole park was 'on fire' - what an experience!"

Visitors, International Garden Show Hamburg