Halensee lido | Water myths

There are countless myths and legends surrounding the element of water. We want to take you into this legendary world. The location could not be more fitting...
As part of the Berlin Summer of Culture, we have the pleasure of presenting excerpts from our production WASSERMYTHEN at Strandbad Halensee, in Berlin.

Whether the story of the mermaid Undine and her lover Hans or a completely unknown version of the Frog Prince, when night falls, the play begins:
A beautiful woman - half goddess, half toad - does her work on the stream of life. A fisherman consumes himself for love of his mermaid. Her movements are reflected in the water like chimeras. In a round dance of kaleidoscopic images, a girl dances in search of water, while her husband embarks on a pilgrimage and a lamenting prince consort threatens to sink his silver ball in the well.

In the poetic world of Theater ANU, whimsical characters romp about with their crazy, fantastic stories and ignite a nocturnal rush of images.



Halensee lido
Koenigsallee 5B
14193 Berlin

from 18:00

13 July 2022


You can find more information about the Berlin Summer of Culture HERE