Idar-Oberstein | Water myths

Legends of water

Theater Anu transforms the former Kammerwoogbad into a mystical water world. In impressive images, the Berlin theatre makers tell dreamlike stories inspired by ancient myths such as "The Water of Life" or the "Frog Prince".
When night falls, the game begins: a mermaid swims above people's heads. A fisherman wants to sell her to the people of Idar-Oberstein. A water woman appears behind a wall of 400 water glasses. Her movements are reflected in the water like chimeras. In a round dance of kaleidoscopic images, a peasant woman dances in search of water and a lamenting king sets out to sink his silver ball in the well. Will it go well?

In the new poetic world of Theater Anu, whimsical characters cavort with their crazy, fantastic stories and ignite a nocturnal rush of images.


Tickets are on sale through Kultursommer Idar-Oberstein.

Admission prices: 17.- € / 13.- € (Recommended from 12 years)

Thu. 14 July - Sat. 16 July 2016
Admission times: 10 pm and 10:30 pm