Berlin | Incognito

This night is your adventure... INKOGNITO II

Our erotic, performative, playful masked ball is unique and legendary!
Now, in autumn 2023, there is a new edition: a new story, new games, new performances.
Together with THE METAFICTION CABARET we will prepare you an unforgettable, daring evening in the beautiful Ballhaus Berlin.

INKOGNITO II is an event in the framework of ArsAmatoriaIt is only open to visitors over the age of 21.

We'll give you your mask: Who will you be when you put it on? Will you feel freer that evening when you are "incognito"? And what will you do with your freedom? 


The noble family of the von Rauensteins preserves nothing less than a piece of the Garden of Paradise behind high walls. Once a year they invite visitors to a masked ball and look for people to celebrate with them in their mysterious garden. Who will be among the chosen ones? A lustful game begins! 
Familiar things from INKOGNITO I like the hunt for marbles or the play with your own fantasies have their place as well as new performances from the theatre ANU world and the unique songs and sounds of THE METAFICTION CABARET. 

Mysterious masked beings seduced the visitors with play and dance to surrender to the attraction of the interpersonal. Shimmering marbles become coveted objects, erotic fantasies seduce visitors into daring games. 

Play, performance, live music, make-up, moment, dance. 

An evening that will move us for a long time and leave us feeling alive. 

And all this in the Ballhaus Berlin, the original ballroom of the Golden Twenties: table phones, spiral staircase, gallery, huge mirrors and the live music of THE METAFICTION CABARET! 

Important: INKOGNITO takes place within the framework of the label ArsAmatoria by Theater ANU. We are developing events and workshops on the theme of Eros and play. At our masked ball, you are free to decide what you want to get involved in or where you prefer to remain a spectator. It is important, however, that you have no problem with nudity and erotic content.



Advance booking price € 38
Reduced € 28

Ballhaus Berlin
Chausseestraße 102, 10115 Berlin

Match dates
27/28 October (Friday, Saturday), Start: 8pm (approx. 3h)
Bar and box office open already from 7 pm

Dress code
Black clothes, elegant. Suit, jacket, light coat, cape, evening dress... - Feel beautiful, feel sexy, the ballroom is waiting for YOU!

The golden mask can be bought on site for 15 € or borrowed for 3 €. Those who already own a golden incognito mask can of course bring it along.