Idea & Concept - Theatre ANU by Bille & Stefan Behr in collaboration with
The Metafiction Cabaret

Direction + Choreography - Bille Behr
Music - The Metafiction Cabaret
Author - Stefan Behr
Masks and equipment - Stefan Behr, Martin Thoms, Karen Rémy, Rebecca Dirler
Performance & Music - Marc C. Behrens, Johanna Malchow, Kai Günther, Richard Wutzke (The Metafiction Cabaret)
Performance - Bille Behr, Stefan Behr, Joa Helgesson, Eva Ariane Heise, Isabella Lewandowski
Helping Hands - Claudia Küsters, Udo Wiegand, Anne Sturm
Graphic - Anne Storm
Technology - Johannes Gärtner, Rebecca Dirler

With the kind support of Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte, Production Centre for Free Theatre

Funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.