“How do people realize that they are dreaming? And how can we be certain that we aren’t someone elses dream? The myth that a tweak to the arm would suffice to differenciate dream from reality has long been debunked. Science now knows that there is no way of noticing if one is dreaming or awake. Mere oddities – so called Thraumatropes – are the means whereby the dream can be recognized as such.”

With its newest outdoor- installation Theatre Anu has created a performance rich in pictures: A multitude of 3 dimensional objects projected upon build the groundwork of a fictional village. Elements from theatre are combined with more interactive forms of communication and accoustics are turned into dynamic concepts breaking up normal perceptions of space. This innovative combination is presented in this new fantastic world.

In a small village weird things are happening: Things vanish and reappear, humans change their shape or act in an unbelievable fashion. Visitors and inhabitants of the place trying to understand the rules of their world make an unbelievable discovery: Is it possible that their existence is but a dream?

Theatre Anu has made a dream come true, an immersive fantastic experience where the spectator is involved to such a degree that the decisions, he chooses  are defining for the artificial world itself.

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