Premiere 2018

In a village, something wild has been held captive in a tower for generations. Who or what is IT?
When a fire reduces the village to ashes, the tower collapses and the "beast" is able to free itself.

A drive hunt ensues to recapture the wild. The audience becomes part of the hunting party, together with the players. But strange things happen: a plague of rabbits is triggered by a magic game, the villagers grow long animal tails, and a strong quake shakes the land.
Everything seems to be out of joint and all attempts to understand the connections and make one's own world controllable again fail. What is the secret?

DREAMER takes the audience on a journey of experience, spinning them into a fantastic world. The nocturnal round dance of images and feelings that Theatre ANU unleashes poetically questions the nature of wildness in ourselves.
The park production is emotional open-air theatre - audience participation, video art, light sculptures and an extraordinary sound concept are combined in an innovative way.

One self, two states, infinite possibilities... DREAMER!


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