Ama, the Black Queen - Irene Fas Fita
Craal the Wild - Markus Moiser
Hestia, the mother - Bille Behr
Semele, the lover - Karen Rémy/Lina Marie Rohde
Smiller, the mentor - Bärbel Aschenberg
Zagreus, the dreamer - Jacek Klinke

Idea & Concept - Theater Anu by Bille & Stefan Behr in collaboration with Martin Thoms

Direction & Choreography - Bille Behr
Author - Stefan Behr
Scenography - Martin Thoms
Sound & Technical Direction - Rebecca Dirler + Johannes Gärtner + Anne Sturm

Technique/helper - Thomas Hanson, Elly Smith
Production team - Claudia Küsters, Jürgen Weber
Production sites - Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte and Bröllin Castle
Many thanks for the support!