The poetic worlds presented by Theater Anu are the work of everyone involved in the joint creative process which produces them. The names of artists and collaborators for each piece can be found on the relevant pages.

Martin Thoms of Theater Magica is a valued partner of Theater Anu and a long term companion on the road to establishing poetic theatre in public spaces.

Rebecca Dirler is our multi talent. She works as a performance artist, director and is our  technical lead .

Claudia Küsters takes care with all her of you with all her heart whenever you call us at the office. She is responsible for customer communication and acquisition.

Ute Classen (Aachen) manages our appearances outside of Germany.

NAT has been responsible for the design of our programmes and other print media since 2008. In her creative work, the poetic worlds of Anu can be experienced over and over again.

Manja Wolff  is the camerawoman and the cinematic eye of Theater Anu.