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The online experiments continue under the label DIGITAL ANU 2022!


Dear fellow campaigners,
Dear Anu friends and friends of digital theatre,
one year and an extraordinary tour 2021 have passed, we have set up our streaming studio at the Theaterhaus Mitte again!
A week of research work is now coming to an end. As in February/March 21, we would like to present our interim results and ask for your help! We are still very interested in digital interactions. But for the research we need an audience! Who has the time and inclination to join us on Sunday, 27 March? And what is it all about?

CHIMAIRA. A fair of abandoned chimeras

Sunday, 27 March 2022
4.30 pm

What are mirages? The distinction between being and appearance? Between the norm and the abnormal? In medicine and biology, a chimera is the name given to an organism that is composed of genetically different cells or tissues and yet represents a uniform individual. The motif of the Minotaur already shows the mental game of what it could mean if man and animal were to cross...
The labyrinth appears as an ark of abandoned chimeras. Shabby fairground stalls are their home. The place where they find shelter, security, family? Elective family? They are timeless, live endlessly. Suddenly people visit them in their hidden rooms... Do they experience them as intruders? As a welcome distraction? As a toy? After all, seven virgins and seven young warriors are sacrificed to the Minotaur every nine years...

Participation and registration:
If you would like to participate, please write to us by 26.03.2022:
You will receive the access data on the day of the event. We will again be working with the ZOOM video conferencing system.

Direction + text: Bille Behr
Text: Stefan Behr, Victor Hugo
Plot development: Bille Behr, Rebecca Dirler, Clara Isenmann, Jacek Klinke, Anne Sturm
Technical realisation: Anne Sturm (picture direction), Rebecca Dirler (scenography/camera/sound), Johannes Gärtner (camera/sound)
Performance: Clara Isenman, Jacek Klinke, Jefferson Pereira da Silva
Music: Klim Losouskii
Make-up: Claudia Küsters
Helper: Udo Wiegand

In collaboration with
With the kind support of Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte

P Y G M A L I O N . E X E

Friday, 19 February 2021
9 pm

P Y G M A L I O N . E X E
With P Y G M A L I O N . E X E we explore the young, interactive conference platform "„:

Anna is the test subject of an experiment: can a dream man be created for her by means of artificial intelligence? - Interactive, a meeting in Circlen.
Please contact us at to. You will then receive all the information and the access link.

In collaboration with
Technical realisation: Anne Sturm (picture direction), Johannes Gärtner (camera + sound)
Idea & Performance: Dorothée Brüne, Clara Isenmann, Claudia Küsters, Markus Moiser, Thomas Hanson, Udo Wiegand, Bille Behr, Stefan Behr, Rebecca Dirler

With the kind support of Theaterhaus Mitte Berlin



We repeat!
At this Friday - 12 February | 9 pm - awaits you THE BOX#1.2
Many thanks already to all those who want to watch it a second time - you are a great help to us.
You can also be sure that the same stream will never be available twice...
Theatre ANU has had a streaming studio since the beginning of this year. In the coming months we will explore and try out interactive online formats. To this end, we regularly invite you to short experiments. We started on Friday 5 February with "THE BOX #1":
"How small is the world?" asks Mr M. He lives in a cardboard box and dreams of the great adventure that will deliver him from his cramped existence." - Like this or completely different, who knows with experiments...

If you would like to participate, please write to: You will then receive the access data for the event. We work with the video conferencing system ZOOM.

In collaboration with
Technical realisation: Anne Sturm (picture direction), Johannes Gärtner (camera + sound)
Performance: Bille Behr, Stefan Behr, Tim Engemann, Jacek Klinke, Martin Thoms
Music: Klim

With the kind support of Theaterhaus Mitte Berlin