In the shadow of great wings
Illusion and Magic Theatre

Theater Anu presents his stage programme TRAUMZEIT in Berlin. A winter fairy tale to dream about:

The cinema owner Georg Licht had an Eskimo woman fall out of the film years ago. Since then they have been living together in the old movie theatre. As if that weren't curious enough, strange things suddenly start happening: Feathers lie everywhere in the cinema hall, brooms dance, bells ring by themselves. Georg Licht tries to get to the bottom of these ghostly happenings and makes an astonishing discovery - an angel.
Mr. Licht is sure the winged messenger has come to save the run-down cinema from going out of business. He wants to present him to the paying public in an angel show. But it soon becomes clear that the angel is here for a completely different reason...

IM SCHATTEN GROSSER FLÜGEL (In the Shadow of Big Wings) tells the story of an encounter between the earthly and the supernatural with a great sense of poetry and in a humorous way.
Experience a unique mix of magic, shadow play, dance, film and video projection.
Poetic, amazing and sensual at the same time - a magic theatre for young and old.


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