Bumbalo - the islands of the lucky children

Premiere 2011.

A young queen and her castellan have found quarters for the night in the theatre. They are in search of a new home, because their archipelago Bumbalo - the islands of the lucky children - has sunk into the sea. The only things they have left are a few belongings and a suitcase full of sand...
With poetic images, stories and crazy magic, Bille and Stefan Behr tell a modern island fairy tale: Magic sand, unusual shadows, magical sunsets and the art of distinguishing the true from the false make the evening a special theatre experience.

An audience is left behind between dream and admiration: as if lost in a dream when listening to the fairytale stories about kings, sailors with paper ships and encounters with their own, admiring when following the magic. Playing on two stages and involving the audience, the stories from the 'Dreamtime' become a cosmos of magic, acting, shadow play and stories. All this is so absorbing that the audience surrenders completely to Bumbalo's magic.

Starkenburger Echo

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