WONDER WONDER - In the Land of My Childhood

A production by Theatre ANU for the 30th anniversary of the Festivalul Internațional de Teatru Sibiu.

"Three things have remained for us from paradise: the stars of the night, the flowers of the day and the eyes of children." | Dante Alighieri

Stars are falling from the sky. Around 9,000 candles turn the Piața Mare/Big Square in Sibiu into a unique sea of lights. It reveals a world full of wonder, full of longing, full of love – but also full of loss.

A sleeping woman wakes up in her bed. Next to her, two shadows. They begin to dance, touching each other until they finally join hands and leave together. Another shadow play tells the tale of a king who meets himself as a child. Not only shadow theatre will be seen this evening, but also a video performance, a concert for plugged ears, a giant kaleidoscope and the “magical pictures of the wandering light”, the so-called polyorama, which Caspar David Friedrich also used to work with.

Theater ANU presents a night full of wondrous encounters and of poetic atmospheres that awakens a longing for a land we all once lived in: the land of our childhood.



Bärbel Aschenberg, Alexandru Cîrneală, Stefan Emde, Jacek Klinke, Helena Aljona Kuehn, Markus Moiser, Karen Rémy, Martin Thoms

Stage design: Martin Thoms
Sound design: Bille Behr
Light design: Stefan Behr
Music: Naviára, Jamie Sieber, Voices of Music
Technique and camera: Anne Sturm
Technical Team: Rebecca Dirler, Johannes Gärtner, Thomas Hanson, Elly Smith
Production assistance: Beli Sinjali

Stefan Behr

Direction and choreography:
Bille Behr, Stefan Behr