Friedberg | Sternenzeit

It is like a journey into the land of our childhood: Trees have faces. A fairy plays with a mobile out of light balls. Fantastic stories are told under trees.A sleeping woman wakes up in front of a large shadow wall; her shadow begins to perform fantastic capers. At the wayside there are peep boxes, kaleidoscopes and light catchers. It’s a night of wondrous encounters and poetic moods to awaken a longing for a country where we all lived once – our childhood.

For three hours visitors can stroll through the park, see the ensuite performances and enjoy the light installations.





Starting time
20:00 – 23:00

Event location
Burggarten Friedberg, Hessen

STERNENZEIT  is also used in mild to moderate rain held (except storm warning, storm, etc.).We recommend sturdy footwear and rainwear. Please refrain from umbrellas. There are not always paved paths trodden. The staging is so unfortunately only conditionally accessibleexperience.