Stettin, Polen | Ovid`s Dream

Dancers explore the mysteries of human Metamorphoses into other life-forms, described by Ovid. With sound collages of selected stories by the Roman poet, contemporary dance, and playful use of light and shade, the scenes revolve around the power of human passions. The second large-scale park production by Theater Anu, premiered 2012.

In his narrative poem Metamorphoses, the Roman poet Ovid transforms people into trees, into stones, birds and flowers – into non-human beings.
In their new park production Ovid’s Dream Theater Anu embark on a poetic and sensory exploration of these metamorphoses, creating a ‘garden of transformations’. Visitors encounter the discarded hulls of the transformed: tongues of flame dart out of shoes; garments are reshaped into lamps; the fabric of clothes is unravelled and spun into new threads, entwined amongst trees, woven into massive cocoons. Visitors are free to wander through this magic place for two and a half hours, witnessing the metamorphoses and listening to the stories.



Tickets: 2 PLN – outdoor „Ovids Traum”
9.00 p.m. – 11.00 p.m.
outdoor, Stefan Żeromski Park
groups enter the show every 20 minutes

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