Weilheim | Night of Dreams

Theater Anu shows a kaleidoscope of his most beautiful works of light and performance: surreal images behind hundreds of water glasses, stories from the distant MoraLand and shadow plays from dreamy nights. Meet mythical figures such as Phaeton's mother and the water mermaid Undine. Visit Handin and the magical images of the walking light. Immerse yourself in past water myths... A night of hypnotic images and touching encounters. A night of dreams!

It plays Bille Behr (Undine/WATER MYTHS), Ioanna Kerasopoulou (Phaeton/OVIDS DREAM), Markus Moiser (Polyorama/MORALAND), Lorenz Pilz (Vom König, der nicht schlafen konnte/STERNENZEIT), Karen Rémy (Schattentraum/STERNENZEIT), Lina Marie Rohde (Wasser des Lebens/WASSERMYTHEN)


Admission is free.
The match times and venues will be announced shortly.
All information about the Weilheim Light Art Festival can be found here:

We thank you for the invitation!