Berlin | Incognito

INKOGNITO - a sensual and bacchanalian masked ball
In collaboration with THE METAFICTION CABARET

This night is your adventure.

We'll give you your mask: Who will you be when you put it on? Will you feel freer this evening when you are "incognito"? And what will you do with your freedom?

A mysterious jester has invited guests to found a new kingdom with him. It will only exist for a few hours. So short that there is no time to pass laws and norms. And so, for one night, a place is created outside the world, alive and (fool)free.

As the master of ceremonies of the evening, he seduces the visitors with masks, games and dance to surrender to the attraction of the interpersonal. Shimmering marbles become coveted objects, table telephones promise erotic fantasies, masked beings seduce visitors into daring games.

Play, performance, live music, mask, moment, dance. An evening that will move us for a long time and make us feel alive. And all this in the beautiful Ballhaus Berlin. The original Ballhaus of the Golden Twenties: table telephones, spiral staircase, gallery, huge mirrors and live music by THE METAFICTION CABARET!

INKOGNITO is a project by Theatre ANU as part of ARS AMATORIA in collaboration with THE METAFICTION CABARET.