Berlin radioeins Park Festival Gleisdreieck | Shadow dream

For the second time, Theater ANU is presenting one of its solo performances at the radioeins Parkfestival am Gleisdreieck. This year it is the SHADOW DREAM - we are happy to be part of it!

A sleeping woman wakes up in a bed. With her, two shadows. They begin to dance and perform unbelievable capers until they finally touch and even join hands at the end. A fascinating play with several light sources and only one performer!
Dance and shadow performance, approx. 8 min, is played in a loop - Schattentraum is a performance of the park production STERNENZEIT - the subtle park performance invites you to marvel and dream. It is like a journey to the land of our childhood...



Admission is free!

Start of play
21-23 h
7-minute performance played in a loop

Westpark Park am Gleisdreieck
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