Bad Nauheim | How to heal a heart?

For the 150th anniversary Theater ANU stages Bad Nauheim as a spa for “matters of the heart” and therefore rewrites the history of healing water! You can look forward to six poetic performances telling the story of the golden age of the spa around 1900 up to heart surgery. Imaginative and humorous, historically inspired and corresponding to the unique locations of the Kurpark, the berlin Compagnie creates atmospheric views that illuminate the cure in very different ways and thus pose the question of what cure actually means?
What does a person need to experience in order to heal? What external and internal applications do we need for a heart to heal? What role does man play as a social being in the healing process and in the assessment of his suffering?



FREE entry.
Within the framework of “150 Jahre Heilbad Bad Nauheim”.

Begin: 21:00
Location: Kurpark.
Starting point: Sprudelhof.

All locations
The “Inhalatorium”: Story of someone who heals hearts.
The  “Trinkkuranlage”: The golden age and its true story,
The “Gesundheitsgarten”: From male and femal hearts,
The “Kurpark/Usa”: The bushes of pleasur and its shadows.
The “Ludwigsbrunnen”: The forgotten Children.

Further information
The event also takes place in light rain. Please put on sturdy shoes.
Recommended for children 10 years and older.