The genuine crown insignia chest of the Prussian kings is locked with 19 locks and has not been opened for centuries. This chest will be on display throughout 2010 together with the crown regalia in the Oranienburg Palace Museum.


Interesting events and stories from the life of Louise Henriette, important achievements from the Netherlands that turned the village of Bötzow into the flourishing Oranienburg after the Thirty Years' War, are staged on the four "city paths" in twelve play stations and installations. A key can be found at each of these stations. Another six are hidden on the four themed paths on houses or in trees, the 19th key is created by the searchers themselves by tearing out all the keys found on a key card handed to them: they suddenly have a cardboard key in their hand, the 19th!

After two and a half hours of playing the ever-repeating scenes, there is a joint parade in which all the correct keys are collected. It ends on the castle square, where a theatre double of the crown insignia chest awaits its opening.

A site-specific production in the palace park, on the Havel and in historic buildings such as the orphanage donated by Louise Henriette. A collaboration with Oranienburg musicians and the Freundeskreis Marineverein. A city production that brings its visitors into play in the literal sense: In addition to the sophisticated realisation of the researched stories, the focus is on the play mode. If the visitors do not get involved in the search for the key, the opening of the chest is hopeless from the start...

The evening ends with a poetically illuminated castle façade.