Towards the stars!

A staging as part of the festival “a very different kind of summer”
Bad Hersfeld – city of stories

What is it that attracts us when looking up in  sky at night? The longing for another world? The idea of someone who might live there far above us? Or the quest for a new home in case our world comes to an end?
The first one who thought about that was Noah who built himself an ark to survive the great flood. Today the visions go much further: the conquest of space has already begun. In the “Biosphere 2”, people are already practising emergency situations in case things get too busy down here. Utopic fantasy or already reality?
Jules Verne’s extraordinary journeys into a world after tomorrow are a composition of wild fantasies, the latest scientific findings, delusions of grandeur and raw escapism.
The Jules Verne night with the ensemble of the Bad Hersfeld Festival and Theater ANU will seduce you with  live music and audio plays as well as breathtaking projections in the ruines.


A very different kind of summer

Tales, plays, music, myth and legends, pictures, reports, lost property and films collected all over the world from yesterday, today and tomorrow

A cooperation between “Bad Hersfelder Festspielen”, Theater ANU and the city of Bad Hersfeld including its citizen

This summer everything will be kind of different. Bad Hersfeld transformes into a city of tales. Actors, musicians and visual artists play, tell and paint on special locations all over the city. You can find the at the “Stiftsruine”, the “Stiftspark”, the church, the “Johann-Sebsastian-Bach-Haus”….
From classic to jazz, from monologues to dialogues, from comedy to tragedy – There will be something for everyone.

The art director of the Bad Hersfelder Festspiele is ” happy, that this many artist who should normaly perform on huge stages here in Bad Hersfeld agreed spontaniously to be part of this very special summer.”
Even if there is no Bad Hersfelder Festspiele as we used know it this summer 2020 and the fanfare will not be played this year,
the Bad Hersfeld staffs paired up with the local artists and created something new for this very special summer.