Bad Hersfeld | Yggdrasil

A production in the framework of the festival
ANOTHER SUMMER. Bad Hersfeld - City of stories

Stories from the Edda

“An ash tree I know, it is called Yggdrasil, a tall tree, showered with shiny wet;
from there comes the dew that falls in the valleys, evergreen it stands above the fountain of Urd;
from there come women, many-knowing Norns, from the well that lies beneath the tree.”

The Norse mythological world is rich in imagery and language, its characters Odin, Thor and Loki are the playmakers in a story leading from the creation of the world to its downfall, told from the perspective of the seers, the Norns, who hold the threads of fate in their hands.
What happens when they let them go? The balance of the world of the gods is disturbed? The connection to the mythical world no longer exists? Wit, heroism and adventure meet dystopia and apocalypse.

Theatre ANU creates a production for Bad Hersfeld with three narrators and live music, most of which is performed on the trees in Stiftspark.



Normal price: 25.- EUR
reduced: 18.- EUR

Box office
Remaining tickets on presentation of name, address and telephone number.

Playing times
Friday 31 July: 22h00
Saturday, 01 August: 3pm and 10pm
Sunday, 02 August: 3 pm

Playing time
approx. 80 minutes

Compliance with the Corona Rules

Distance requirement and hygiene rules
The event can only be attended if a mouth/nose covering is worn. However, it is only necessary to wear it if the minimum distance (1.5m) to other visitors cannot be maintained unexpectedly during the event.

Data protection in the Corona Summer
Due to the necessary official infection chain tracing, you are obliged to be able to identify yourself (identity card or passport). The organiser is obliged to document the names, addresses and telephone numbers of the visitors. These contact details will be deleted 4 weeks after the event.