Bad Harzburg | Yggdrasil

Stories from the Edda

“An ash tree I know, it is called Yggdrasil, a tall tree, showered with shiny wet;
from there comes the dew that falls in the valleys, evergreen it stands above the fountain of Urd;
from there come women, many-knowing Norns, from the well that lies beneath the tree.”

The Norse mythological world is rich in imagery and language, its characters Odin, Thor and Loki are the playmakers in a story leading from the creation of the world to its downfall, told from the perspective of the seers, the Norns, who hold the threads of fate in their hands.
What happens if they let them go? If the balance of the world of the gods is disturbed? If the connection to the mythical world no longer exists? If the divisions between the worlds of gods, men, of giants and animals, of man and woman get mixed up? Wit, heroism and adventure meet dystopia and apocalypse.

As part of the series of events QE(E)R through the Forest, Theatre ANU will be visiting the Harz Mountains with its production YGGDRADIL, more precisely at the Waldbühne in Benneckenstein. We can't imagine a more fitting place to conjure up the magical moments of the Nordic sagas...


Directed by: Bille Behr | Text: EDDA translations after Stefan Behr, Neil Gaiman, Felix Genzmer, Wilhelm Jordan, Arnulf Krause, Karl Simrock | Scenography: Martin Thoms | Sculptures: Gernot Ehrsam | Technique: Rebecca Dirler

Skuld / Loki's children / Balder's death: Bärbel Aschenberg
Werdandi / The Treasures of the Gods / Freyja's Wedding: Johanna Malchow
Urd / The Builder / The Poet Met: Kathleen Rappolt
Cello: Nicholas Herdieckerhoff

Theatre ANU creates a production with three narrators and live music, most of which can also be performed on trees.






Event date
13-14 August 2021


Benneckenstein Forest Stage
Am Waldschlösschen 1
38877 Oberharz am Brocken OT Benneckenstein


Ticket prices
23,50 € regular
19,50 € reduced
Rain / Accessibility
YGGDRASIL will also take place in light rain (except for severe weather warning, storm etc.). We recommend sturdy shoes and rainwear. Please refrain from using umbrellas.
The Waldbühne Benneckenstein has approved wheelchair spaces or barrier-free access. For more information call 039457 / 219 813