WinterEdition at Tempelhofer Feld

A light parcours of installations and performances that poetically and quietly
Stories of the beginning and the end told: Life and death. Love and loss.
Childhood. Dreams. The great moments of happiness.

Premiere 16 December 2022

Trees bathed in light have faces, puddles of water reflect mysteriously shimmering
Worlds, burning shoes rise up to the sky on a ladder... Theater ANU takes the visitors on an installation course of light, sound, sculpture and live performance.

A journey to the ultimate questions, to the beginning and the end, to the child we once were, which was the hope
never gives up celebrating life. Philosophical. Profound. Sensual. Poetic.
Stories and poems set to music by classical authors such as Ovid, Pythagoras and Rilke to the poetic texts of ANU author Stefan Behr in combination with narration, physical theatre, light, video and sculpture installations await visitors to the wintry Tempelhofer Feld.

How the happy ones lovingly embrace each other! Rejoicing and boundless,
Careless, thoughtless
The round dance turns,
The round of life. -
I must be silent,
Can't be happy,
I'm so scared...

Hugo von Hofmannsthal

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