The Baroque era is notorious for its lavish parties and opulent productions in which the most diverse arts worked together to stimulate the senses – or at times to deceive them.
It is the play around the mask that interests the company, virtuously creating a masked ball as an evening promenade.

MASQUERADE begins as a family party in the late afternoon. The masks are put on and the guests go to the festival area. There are games and small performances: An artfully designed cricket game, a mask theatre play as well as various “walking acts”.

When darkness falls, about ten locations and walk-in installations will be performed simultaneously at 20-minute intervals. The evening part will open with a parade of artists.

The mask is the main actor of the evening, we invite you to the masked ball! Dance, encounter, baroque, music, decadence, appearance and reality – but also the hunt are the co-players of this dreamlike ANU night!

MASQUERADE was conceived for the ANU nights TRAUMPIRSCH at Clemenswerth Castle (Emsland) and LICHT UN SPÖÖL BI d EVENBÖRG in Leer (East Frisia).