Empty Evenburg Castle | Masquerade

The Baroque era is notorious for its lavish feasts and opulent productions in which a wide variety of arts worked together to stimulate the senses - or sometimes to deceive them.
It is the play around the mask that interests the company and virtuously creates a masked ball as an evening promenade.

MASQUERADE begins as a family festival in the late afternoon. Put on your masks and head for the festival grounds. There you will find games and small performances: An artfully designed cricket game, a mask theatre play as well as various "walking acts".

When darkness falls, about ten locations and walk-in installations will be performed simultaneously at 20-minute intervals. The evening part will open with a parade of artists.

The mask is the main actor of the evening, we invite you to the masked ball! Dance, encounter, baroque, music, decadence, appearance and being - but also the hunt are the co-players of this dreamlike ANU night!




25 Euro, reduced 12,50 Euro
Reductions are available for children between the ages of six and 14 (please bring your ID card) and for severely disabled persons with a 50 per cent GdB (please bring your disabled person's ID card). Accompanying persons of severely disabled persons (entry B) are admitted free of charge. Children under the age of six are also admitted free of charge.

A maximum of six adult tickets and a maximum of four concessionary tickets will be given per person.

MASQUERADE was chosen for the ANU Night LIGHT UN SPÖÖL BI d EVENBÖRG in Leer (East Frisia) was conceived.
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