Berlin | Invisible touch1

including 3-course menu and all drinks

Only 20 people can join the journey into the world of the invisible. Blindfolded, you will experience an evening full of sensory impressions and encounters.
Hearing, smelling, touching, tasting - when the eyes rest, the other senses awaken.

INVISIBLE touch1 is a sensitive evening by the makers of Theater Anu. In a small, exclusive setting, Bille Behr and Stefan Behr and their team accompany visitors into an invisible world where seeing and being seen no longer play a role.

And since you neither know where you are nor who is with you, the imagination begins to create its own world in your head. You become a shifter in a waking dream that you will not forget for a long time.

Find out more about the INVISIBLE touch experiment here, a blog post by Stefan Behr.

INVISIBLE touch1 is an event within the framework of Ars Amatoria.


Normal price                   75 €
(incl. 3-course menu and all drinks)

Remains unknown. The meeting point will be announced by invitation.

Match dates INVISIBLEtouch1
15/16 March 2024 (Friday, Saturday)
Invitations from 7 pm

Dress code
There is no explicit dress code. We recommend wearing clothes that you feel comfortable in. This especially applies to shoes, ladies!