Potsdam | Water dream


The river without water. The grain withers, the leaves wither. Even the fruit in the woman's womb dries up. I set out. Searching for the spring. I hope to find the water of life.

Video projection, dance and performance. Ancient water myths and rituals are danced in the so-called "play-in-the-mirror effect". A spiral of empty water bags is the setting for the search for the water of life.

Surrounded by water, a man is almost dying of thirst.
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City for a Night 2017 Festival
Entrance free

For one night - and one day - STADT FÜR EINE NACHT is once again looking for answers to the question "How do we want to live?" - at the eighth edition of the cultural festival in the Schiffbauergasse arts and culture quarter, everything revolves around the theme of WATER - "Water is upside down. Water is going crazy. Water has two sides."

Shipbuilder's Lane Potsdam
"Meadow at the Deep Lake

from 10 pm

Click here for the programme CITY FOR A NIGHT

Here you can download the programme overview as a pdf file:
SFEN2017_Folding flyer