Paffenhofen | Illuminated maze

A In the Maze of Lights of over 1000 candles invites visitors for several hours to seek the path to the centre. Along the way there are light installations - tree faces - and objects to discover. In the labyrinth, a CONCERT FOR STOPPED EARS, the SHADOW DREAM and the poetic story OF THE KING WHO COULD NOT SHALF await you.

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INFO: A day ticket for the Garden Show is valid as an admission ticket for the events on the respective day of the visit!

Day ticket adults *1
13,00 Euro
Day ticket children/youth *2
3,00 Euro
Day ticket beneficiaries *3
8,00 Euro
Day ticket groups (only available from the Pfaffenhofen office) *4
12,00 Euro per person

Family bonus
If you visit the garden show in Pfaffenhofen as a family, your children up to and including the age of 17 are included free of charge.
z. For example, a family with 2 adults and 3 children up to 17 years of age buys 2 adult day tickets and pays 26 euros. So the children cost you nothing extra.

from 9.30 pm
Playing time
2.5 hours
Small stage in the Bürgerpark, Garden Show Pfaffenhofen

Nature in Pfaffenhofen a. d. Ilm 2017 GmbH