Munich, Church of Our Lady | The Raft of the Medusa

Sounds of the sea. Foreign voices from afar. It is dark in Munich's Frauenkirche. The cross above the heads of the worshippers is covered with a projection screen. From there, a girl - not a woman and no longer a child - looks down on us. She breathes, gazing at this moment at what is happening on the ground. The central aisle becomes a processional way, the large white columns the projection surface of a bizarre shadow theatre: masks, silhouettes, objects, bodies appear in different groupings and rhythms above the heads of the visitors. A parade of huge shadows, paired with scenic representations of individual motifs of the tragic Medusa disaster.


Admission is free.

6 pm
Playing time: 30 min
The Overture of the "Ash Wednesday of the Artists"/Worship Service