750 Years of Lauffen am Neckar

A commissioned production by the city of Lauffen a. N.

A treasure trove of memories also needed to be lifted for Lauffen, which might otherwise simply have been lost in the course of time...

Ulrike Kieser-Hess

Theater Anu from Berlin stages selected topics and personalities of the city of Lauffen in an extraordinary installation made of hundreds of canopies: Whether the great adventure of the first German polar expedition, the unity of bathing and baking in Lauffen, the search for the angel painter Zionsbäck or about the mock "Brazil" during World War 2. The cement dust that was once so characteristic of the town and the first electricity transmission from Lauffen to Frankfurt are also part of the production.
Visitors are invited to discover curious, funny and tragic stories of their city. In a dream world of floating canopies, they are brought to life in a sensual and emotional way. A bridge is created to times long past - a connection to the people who used to live in Lauffen.

The production does not claim to be documentary, Theater Anu transforms researched stories and personalities into a poetic theatre of encounter.

Encountering people and events from the city's history is what the actors of Berlin's Theater Anu have in mind, who have created the delicate installation that repeatedly opens up amazing insights into the anno dazumal. Ingenious.

Lauffener Bote


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Bathing and Baking - Bärbel Aschenberg
Dust of the cement factory - Johanna Malchow
Friedrich Bidlingmaier, Polar Expedition - Markus Moiser
Power transmission - Jacek Klinke
Bogus Brazil - Tim Engemann
Zion Bakery - Carla Weingarten

Idea & Concept - Theater Anu by Bille & Stefan Behr
Editing the texts - Stefan Behr
Scenography - Martin Thoms
Labyrinth design - Stefan Behr
Sound collages and music - Bille Behr
Direction  - Bille Behr