Bad Nauheim | How do you heal a heart?

For its 150th anniversary, Theater ANU is staging Bad Nauheim as a spa for matters of the heart, thus rewriting the history of healing waters once again! Look forward to six poetic performances that tell the story of the golden age of the spa around 1900 to heart surgery. Imaginative and humorous, historically inspired and in keeping with the unique locations of the spa park, the Berlin company creates atmospheric views that illuminate the spa in very different ways and thus pose the question of what spa means at all?
What does a person need in order to experience healing? What external and what internal applications are needed for a heart to heal? What role does the human being as a social being play in the healing process as well as in the evaluation of his suffering?


Admission is free.
As part of the 150th anniversary of the Bad Nauheim spa.

Start: 9 pm
Venue: Kurpark. Central start: Sprudelhof.
Other venues: The Inhalatorium: A Story of the Heart Healer / The Drinking Spa: The Golden / Age and its True Story / The Health Garden: Of Men's and Women's Hearts / Spa Park/Usa: The Pleasure Bush and its Shadows / Ludwig Fountain: The Forgotten Children

Visitor information
The event will also take place in light rain. Please wear sturdy shoes.
Recommended for children aged 10 and over.