You have managed to turn our park into an oasis of creativity and peaceful mood for a few weeks. Maybe we will manage to keep some of this spirit here and let it grow. A great action. Thank you!


I am totally impressed, touched and full of positive energy. If I had known about this project earlier, I would have got involved! On Monday I will call the organiser to help you continue this wonderful work of yours and show it to many people in Berlin, but especially to those from Ernst Thälmann Park.


I have lived here for 21 years now and have never seen the park in such splendour. The many works of art are thought-provoking. I sincerely hope that this park will become a kind of secret garden. I think it is wonderful and hope that they will always add a little magic to the park. Thank you for beautifying my/our home.

Caro/Daughter and Kirsten/Mother