Anu Special, Night of 1000 Lights


Dancing shadows!

A sleeping woman wakes up in a bed. With her are two shadows. They begin to dance and perform unbelievable capers until they finally touch each other and even join hands at the end.

A fascinating play with several light sources and only one performer!


If a gardener of trees already needs a lot of patience, this is many times more true for a gardener of stones... the art of the stone gardener teaches one to look far beyond one's own life.

The stone gardener tells the story OF THE ART OF BEING A GARDENER OF STONES. He moves on a sandy surface, drawing circles, always a stone in the centre; contemplative, accompanied by a sound collage. A dance performance from the MoraLand cosmos that calls for the sustainability of decisions in a fairytale-like way.


A tribute to the child in us

FROM THE KING WHO COULD NOT SLEEP is a wonderful little shadow play: An old king spends sleepless nights. No one knows what to do about it. Then one morning the door of the grandfather clock opens and a little boy jumps out. The king recognises himself in him - as a child. An encounter that reminds the old king of his childhood dreams. A shadow theatre fairy tale for adults.

MIRROR WOMAN (Bärbel Aschenberg)

When two people meet, but they can only see each other in the mirror, they are very close without touching...
A woman walks through the world, holding a mysterious book in her hands. Those who look into it initially only see themselves, the pages of the book are mirrors. The mirrored person receives one half of the book and sees the face of the woman in it.
A fascinating game of mirrors and mirrored glances begins - as long as a poem.

Mobile theatre, the encounter lasts a few minutes, depending on the text/poem.

LAMPENMANN/Stories Catching Lights (Martin Thoms)