More than 20,000 visitors came on both evenings and experienced the history of the Obersteine. More than 1000 posters with one of the core stories -. The Steingärtner - were taken home by the visitors.

Visitor commentn

You have given the people here a very big unforgettable gift with your production, it has created more enthusiasm than ever before in this city.
Even on Sunday, despite the bad weather, the people were truly inspired. Many thanks to all of you for this gigantic commitment and for the truly magnificent realisation.

Annette Strohm, Idar Oberstein Cultural Office, May 2010

Enchanting! You open eyes to new ways of theatre art and communicate directly with people. That gave me much more than any production on a big stage.

  Guestbook entry, 08 May 2010

I wanted to say a big thank you for the enchanting flow of lights and the story of the stone gardener. We have hung your poster in our gemstone cutting workshop!

Susanne Lind (gemstone painter), 11 May 2010