As we are currently in the first production phase for our new repertory production "MoraLand" (premiere 2011), which thematically deals with the relationship between man and nature, we came to the decision to add "The Upper Stones of MoraLand" to the Moranian story cycle. A "swallowed river" fitted only too well into the world of the Morans! A kind of satellite production of MoraLand is to be created, whose main protagonists are the fantastic lampshade creatures, without, however, adding other parts of the future fairground production to the Idar-Oberstein production.

The story

A small group of Morans has come to Idar-Oberstein from faraway MoraLand. Every hundred years they make this journey to have their "Obersteine" cut in the small town. The reason: the best cutters are to be found here. But this time, when they have the first stones cut, they notice that the light in the cut stones has changed. Since the river has been "swallowed up", the light reflected by the water in the town has also disappeared. They decide to lay a river of light through Idar-Oberstein for two nights. The grinders are to do their work in this special light.