Berlin, Urban Nation Biennale 2019 | In Transition//In Transition

In transition. Back from the future //
In Transition. Back from future

Sometime in the future. After times of drought, heat and absolute dryness, the Flood will come. And only a small part of humanity will survive it. On an ark of all things, built from the plastic of the world's oceans, we will decide to form and live a different society: Is a coexistence of humans and nature really conceivable? How will this "future society" develop? When the water recedes, what relics of past times will we encounter? How will we make the old usable for the new? A small group of people arrives in the former metropolis of Berlin. Among them is a woman - and she was pregnant.

The approx. 1.5-hour performance ignites a round dance of "living pictures", so-called tableaux vivants. In different sequences, the visitors experience a society IN TRANSITION, determined from a female perspective, and become part of it themselves.

IN TRANSITION is a performance in the framework of the Urban Nation Biennale robots + relics: unmanned.



Admission is free!

Playing times
Friday, 13 September
6.00 p.m. (by invitation only) + 8.00 p.m.

Saturday, 14 September
15.00 + 20.00

Sunday, 15 September
12.00 + 16.00

Underground arches Bülowstraße in front of the Urban Nation Museum
Bülowstraße 7, 10783 Berlin

Performers: Bille Behr, Helen Bergmann, Rebecca Dirle, Ioanna Kerasopoulou, Jacek Klinke, Karen Rémy, Lina Marie Rohde, Natalia Voskoboynikova

Direction + choreography + sound: Bille Behr
Co-direction + text: Stefan Behr
Costume + set: Ursula Maria Berzborn
Technical realisation: Johannes Gärtner
Production assistance: Claudia Küsters
Internship: Jule Lotz