150 years of spa town Bad Nauheim

For the 150 th anniversary theater ANU presents Bad Nauheim as the city of  “heart affairs”  and therefor rewrites its story of the healing fountains.
You can look forward to six poetic stagings telling you of the golden age of the Bad Nauheims spa industry around 1900 up to its famous heart surgeries by this time.
Historically inspired, filled with phantastic pictures and humorous moments the berlin company uses the the unique location of the Kurpark to pose the question of what cure meant then and now.
What does a human soul really need? Which role does man play as a social being in the healing process and in the assessment of his suffering? Which internal and external treatments are neccesary to fully heal a heart?


The six stagings
Sprudelhof: Start
The “Inhalatorium”: A Story of someone who´s healing hearts.
The “Trinkkuranlage”: The golden age and its true stories.
The “Gesundheitsgarten”: Of male and female hearts
Kurpark/Usa: The shrubbery of desire and its shady side.
The “Ludwigsbrunnen”: The forgotten descendants.

Eine Auftragsarbeit der Bad Nauheim Stadtmarketing und Tourismus GmbH.

Regie –
Bille & Stefan Behr
Szenograph – Martin Thoms
Technic –
Thomas Hanson

Lina Marie Rohde + Jacek Klinke; Inhalatorium/SprudelhofMarkus Moiser; Kurpark,Usa/Sprudelhof – Bille Behr; Trinkkuranlage/SprudelhofBärbel Aschenberg; Ludwigsbrunnen/SprudelhofIrene Fas Fita

The common starting point  of the whole production is the “Sprudelhof”: a large bathtub is enthroned there above the visitors and the sparkling water. All the characters will introduce themselves there and ask their main questions. From here on , the theatrical circle starts finding its end at the the large water wheel on the south side of the park. while the circle you can see five light locations, enriched with drama, installation, dance, interaction, shadow theatre and sound installations.