At one of the green spaces, the Bielefeld Lutter was uncovered again. A stream that flows hidden beneath the entire city.

Human Rights Park
Photographs of views of the city of Bielefeld will be shown as projections in and above the water of the uncovered Lutter. A dance performance on the theme of water and memory will take place on the small island, and a man will tell curious water stories.

Old Town Church Park
The Leineweberbrunnen in the Altstädter Kirchpark becomes a water tower made of hundreds of filled glasses. A dancer dances in it. Visitors see a shadowy body refracted through glass, water and light - surreal images of an unusual underwater world. Opposite is a stretched canvas. On it, kaleidoscopic images and shapes. A woman, her shadow and the visual echo of herself. A frenzy of colours and shapes: Bottles, goblets, glasses...

Ravensberg Park
A large walk-in spiral made of luminous water bags. Accompanied by a sound installation of water sounds and poetic texts. In the middle, a fountain and constantly dripping water. Two peculiar figures await their visitors... A contemplative place that tells of the connection between man and water.