Performers (order according to appearance)
The Returnee - Jacek Klinke
Burning houses - Bärbel Aschenberg
Water wall - Bille Behr
Dwarf grave - Johanna Malchow
The scientist - Markus Moiser
The fisherman - Philipp Gilly
The Water Nymph - Jadi Carboni/Karen Rémy

Idea & Concept - Theater Anu by Bille & Stefan Behr, Martin Thoms

Author - Stefan Behr, Akhenaten (Sun Hymn)
Scenography - Martin Thoms
Light sculpture - Stefan Behr, Sabrina Bumiller
Sound collages, music and video - Bille Behr
Direction and choreography - Bille Behr

Hospitation - Theresa Noll
We thank Albert Steglitz for his kind assistance with the research.