Night Sea Voyage

A mysterious traveller sails up the Eder. He bumps into an oversized wall with his small boat - only a small door seems to lead to the other side. What is hidden behind it? Nachtmeerfahrt lures visitors on a journey beyond reality: what did the people dream who had to leave their farms in the Eder valley, what did the workers dream who built the huge dam far from home?

For 100 Years of Lake Eder, Theater Anu creates a fictional world that deals with the history of the Eder dam on the level of a dream. Hundreds of glasses are filled with water and memorabilia, forming a glass dam wall on which ghostly scenes play out: A captured mermaid floats high above the heads of the audience and a mad scientist swings through the power plant hall on a massive pendulum.

Those who set out on the nocturnal path through the power plant site below the dam wall encountered hypnotic images at six stations that were to remain in the visitors' memories for a long time.