100 years Edersee

Since its inauguration in 1914, the Edersee has served to regulate the navigability of the Weser and the Mittellandkanal. Flood protection and power generation are other tasks that have been carried out from the beginning.

The recreational and leisure value of the reservoir was soon recognised. For decades, a good tourist infrastructure has developed with accommodation, campsites, water sports facilities and many other leisure activities.

A dark chapter in the history was certainly the destruction of the dam wall in World War 2 in 1943. Today, the Edersee adventure region is one of the outstanding excursion and holiday regions in northern Hesse.

Learn more on more about the 100-year history of Lake Edersee in words and pictures! In addition, you will find detailed information on all events offered in the anniversary year 2014 in the calendar of events.

The Night Sea Voyage

"In Egyptian mythology, the sun dives into the sea every evening and rises again into the sky in the morning. The sun god goes on a journey Night Sea Voyage through the realm of darkness. Among the Greeks, it is later the hero Odysseus who visits the realm of the dead and yet returns to the living.
C. G. Jung describes the night sea journey in his psychology as something that happens to you. You do not choose it. It is an immersion in oneself, a descent into the depths of our self - in the hope of seeing the rising sun again at the end.
In dealing with the 100-year history of the Eder dam, we came across themes, experiences, emotions that once offered and still offer the people of the Eder valley the water for night sea journeys. Questions of identity, home, change, loss and forgetting have been constant companions in our work."

Bille Behr

Every world gives birth to a new one,
while at the same moment the old one disappears.

Some stand lonely mourning at the grave,
while the others celebrate marriage.
I was not born to bind the moon with tight rope so that it does not sink.
I did not become an archivist for cloud images, even if they are in the sky for such a short time before they flee.

Nor did I capture the first kiss of my life in a photograph, and thankfully I declined to be a funeral orator for the most beautiful sunset - or the last spring of my life.

I look at the earth and put one foot in front of the other.
Just one in front of the other, as hard as it may be.
Now and then I raise my head.

I'll keep an eye out for you. He's asleep. - You can come...
My fish.
The dreamer must not wake up.
Only in dreams does the impossible not surprise the dreamer.
That's why you only dare to appear in your sleep.
Let us beware of its awakening!
Where do we want to go? Will our happiness only last until the morning? No matter.

More than in dreams has not yet been lived.
More than in dreams has not yet been dared
More than in the dream has not yet been accomplished,
not born and not died.

I move on with you, my fish.
Listen to your stories and tell yourself about mine.

Stefan Behr: The Homecomer from NACHTMEERFAHRT