Siegen | Embers

When it gets dark, the gate of the castle park opens and lets its guests into a world of fire. GLUT. AUS DER FEUERCHRONIK EINER STADT is the name of the new work by Theatre ANU, which has been specially commissioned for the SIEGEN 800 anniversary.

Important events in Siegen's history play a fundamental role: the ore treasures of the "iron country of Siegen", the art of blacksmithing, the YEAR WITHOUT SUMMER 1816, the town fire and other symbols and metaphors of Siegen's industrial and cultural history. And all this in the field of tension between the founding of the town, its development and its influence on the social system "people".

What does the audience experience?
With a park map and the play and installation locations marked on it in hand, visitors are guided to the tent arena. A maximum of 400 people are admitted at each of the four specified admission times. From afar, the sound of mighty anvil and iron blows can be heard. A blacksmith lights the fire, fire projections appear on the pavilion and everything is bathed in red. The song of the iron grows stronger, also produced by musicians from Siegen. Suddenly the blacksmith's voice rings out:

"In the beginning there was fire.
And the fire was the beginning.
The end will also be fire.
All-devouring fire.
And the one who brought the first embers,
They will call him an arsonist.
And the one who lit the light,
they will blot out his name.
And the one who invited you to the fireplace
they will chase him away
out into the cold of the night."

From the tent arena, we look down into the "new park". Human-sized light paintings that are reminiscent of Rubens, but are definitely not Rubens. Their arrangement is reminiscent of a crossroads in the city's history, generated by artificial intelligence. Various fire scenarios of a city: from a city fire, a medieval cauldron fire to a rocket into the future that envelops the entire city in a cloud of smoke and light.

After about 15 minutes, the concert of anvils and iron comes to an end and we are asked to look at our park map and reveal the metal that is there: iron, zinc, copper, nickel, lead, cobalt, silver?

Each of these metals refers to the next location that awaits us. Which metal belongs to you?

Four admission times each allow 400 spectators to embark on a journey of light and fire through the Greek mythology of the origins of mankind; paired with the varied history of fire in Siegen, which proves to be an excellent breeding ground for the "mother city" PANDORA, whose GLUT will still be palpable on the respective performance evenings.

Fantastic. Curious. Sensual. And apocalyptic? Olympus will not perish in Siegen. Cities today seem to be made for eternity, even catastrophic fires cannot extinguish them. Like Phoenix, they rise from the ashes again and again. But what if this changes?

The production tells the story of Siegen fictionally, into an uncertain future that always holds hope like Pandora's box.


  • 03.07.-06.07.2024
  • Tickets


    Normal price: 18.- € / reduced 9.- €

    Tickets are available at:

    Match dates

    3/4/5/6 July 2024 (Wed-Sat)
    7 July is a possible alternative date if one of the performances is cancelled due to weather conditions.

    Admission times per evening
    9:45 pm // 10:15 pm // 10:45 pm // 11:15 pm
    The scene is performed 4 times per evening.
    Around 10 play scenes and installations stretch across the entire park.

    approx. 110 min (overture "Gesang aus Stahl" approx. 15 min, the other scenes approx. 10 min)

    GLUT also takes place in light rain (except in the event of severe weather warnings, storms, etc.). We recommend sturdy shoes and rainwear. Please refrain from using umbrellas. The paths are not always paved. The production is therefore unfortunately only partially accessible. If the event has to be cancelled for weather reasons before one hour of the performance has elapsed, the ticket entitles the holder to admission to another performance of GLUT.