Magdeburg | Sidereal Time

Ekmagadi meets Church Day. Ekmagadi meets Theater Anu!
Individual performances from STERNENZEIT and THE GREAT JOURNEY

Ekmagadi are forest elves. Magdeburg has been celebrating the Elf Festival in the Klostergarten for several years now.
In this one it is linked to the Kirchentag.

Theater Anu shows 3 performances: The Concert for Covered Ears from the MORALAND cosmos, the shadow theatre story OF THE KING WHO CANNOT SLEEP and the LAMP DREAMER from THE GREAT JOURNEY. There are also peep boxes and kaleidoscopes. And when our tree faces show themselves, we are very close to the wood elves...

Playing: Concert for covered ears - Stefan Emde; LAMPENTRÄUMER - Markus Moiser; THE KING WHO CANNOT SLEEP - Lorenz Pilz
Technical direction - Johannes Gärtner

An event organised by the Kulturschutzbund Magdeburg.



Event time
5-1 pm
Theater Anu plays 10pm to 0.30am

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