We are not interested what is already possible; it is the search for the one, unique theatrical idea which is begging to be discovered and about which everyone will say at the end: that is exactly right.

Theater Anu

How we work…

To create a production in a specific locality, for a particular city or event, requires experienced, creative partners. Theater Anu have been working successfully in this area for years. The poetic style of our company and our professional team has resulted in unique productions which remain in visitors’ memories for years to come.

We offer to develop an entire concept: beginning with your idea or occasion, we will create an appropriate story and spatial design and stage it using our poetic style of theatre. To realise this we will make use of our professional team of actors, dancers, set designers, technicians, artists, writers and musicians, depending on the requirements of the particular concept. The result is a ‘tailor-made’ theatrical event which will be experienced by a wide audience thanks to our creative approach to theatre.

Theater Anu has devised commissioned productions on a wide range of scales: from mobile one-person theatre to large theatrical installations or productions in public squares: whether it is a river of light made of 40,000 candles or a flying angel in a freight container; whether a dramatic theatrical production for a city or the exploration of architecture through dance. Alongside the uniqueness of the individual experience which our theatre of encounter involves, the sustainability of cultural heritage is also a major interest of our company. It costs nothing to ask, and site-specific productions often cost less than you might imagine.

A selection of our commissions from the last years:

The Key Hunt (2010) – a production staged throughout a town involving 24 keys, 18 locked locks, 12 theatrical scenes, 4 thematic routes and a genuine crown-jewels chest belonging to the Prussian King. A theatrical game for the whole family: street theatre in the best sense.

By the River of Light (2010) – Theatrical installation involving 40,000 along a major road on an overpass. Commissioned by the city of Idar-Oberstein for the opening of the Rheinland-Pfalz summer of culture.

The Legend of The Winged Boy (2010) – a commission as part of the illumination of Hadrian’s Wall in Newcastle, UK, for the 1,600 year anniversary of the end of the wall.

Opening of Heidenheim Congress Center (2009) – a poetic, spatial exploration for the city of Heidenheim. A rendezvous between the body and architecture. A blind date with a pitch black theatre space.