Dear hosts!

Many of you had to cancel the summer shows already. We want to encourage you to think theater in totally new ways with us this year.
ANU tries to work with the limitations not against them, because we are sure that there are conceptions that will work even in the current situation!

Not only will it be an economically disaster for all artists if this summer is completely free of performances, but people will have an enormous need of cultural events after weeks of isolation.
Many of them will not be able or willing to go on holidays this summer and even places like open-air swimming pools will probable stay closed. This upcoming gap could be our chance to bring culture to new audiances.

Current situation

In the upcoming days and weeks the federal states will continue to decide which events can take place despite the ban on major events.
Short number of people, distance requirements and hygiene regulations will still leave some scope for us to offer events to the people in your city in 2020.

ANU is now working for over fifteen years with “walk-in theatre installations” as OUR  form of staging. That means: The visitor receives different scenes on his own or in small groups  one after another. This stucture can be adapted very well to all numbers of people and the rules of distance..

Moreover, we have created a brand new ONLINE production called PERPETUUM in ZOOM, which can be received absolutely “safe” in front of the PC or laptop individually or in the closest family circle as a live experience!

Our production drive-in-theatre meets DREAMER offers a mixture from the  “save-space” of your own car and yet being physically part of a large audience.

Even though summer is just beginning we are already planning for the cosy dark season. Charm your audience  with ANU´s installation course called  Legends of Moraland  which unfolds its poetic power even without physical performers* and can be easily staged under corona hygiene conditions.

Are you curious now? Find out more about the new ways of theatre in the menu on the right and contact us!
We would like to stand by your side as a cultural partner in the exceptional year 2020!

Stay save & keep your cultural desire
Bille & Stefan Behr and the whole team ANU