Dear professionals,

have 2020 and 2021 been exceptional summers due to corona or the beginning of a new reality that will accompany us for many more years from now?
We know as little as you do! But we at Theater ANU decided to deal with the crisis in a creative way since the 1st Lockdown:

Together with the Festspiele Bad Hersfeld, we conceived the festival EIN ANDER SOMMER in 2020 including about 170 events. Besides the corona conform adaptation of our show SHEHERAZADE, two new stagings were born here:
– YGGDRASIL –  three actresses/ narrators and one musician succesively draw the audience into the dark and mystic world of northern mythology.  Around the stories of Thor, Loki and Odin the old world suddenly appears alive and almost close within reach.
– TO THE STARS! – with an exciting mixture of Jules Verne´s stories and large-scale projection the audiance got invited to dream away on their own way to the stars.

In august 2020 we staged our production THE GREAT JOURNEY on nine evenings at Tempelhofer Feld in the heart of BERLIN. Almost 5,000 visitors were allowed to see the show during these days.
Spiegel online therefore listed us as one of the 17 “by far” most beautiful events worldwide during 2020.

For Idar-Oberstein we created a 2.5 hour theater walk through their forests.
Taking a walk in the nature and experiencing theatre joined and became a great way to enjoy culture and still feeling save during pandamic times.



In 2021 the corona crisis continued: Goodbye to all our planning ahead… and still we somehow managed to have a very successful season until November.

Theater ANU is known for its “theater of encounter”, even though it seemed impossible at first, we were able to stick withthe idea of being close to each others during the stagings by exploring the concept “proximity despite distance”.
This was not a matter of course and up till today we are very grateful for being able to continue our work -responsibly- even in these times!

Our experiences show: The conception of the STATIONENTHEATER (stationary theatre) made it possible for us to conduct events for several hundreds guests per night and still follow the valid hygiene regulations and all the other rules coming up with a pandamic nowadays .

Although the signs are up for a more relaxed summer with less regualtions for all of us, we are playing it save this time . Therefor we offer you safety & flexibility with our well tested hygiene concepts: If in best case by the date of your event the restictions are already lifted, wee are pleased to show all our productions in their original version.

In addition to the so-called live events, we also used our change at the beginning of  2020 and did the only thing possible at this time; we move our work to the Internet: The SHEHERAZADE ONLINE SHOW  was a new world for us.  This experiment allowed us to use completely new techniques. The positive feedback encouraged us to continue thinking in creative online formats. We are currently setting up a professional streaming studio to create so-called hybrid formats. Maybe soon there will be a physical live events by Theater ANU including online element, or the other way around.
As you can see, even in times of crisis, everthing is possible and we deeply belive that it’s important to bring the poetry into the world!



We at Theater ANU have been working for over fifteen years with “walk-in theater installations” as our company’s form of staging.
Our guests receive the play stations (“station theater”) either one after the other in small groups or if possible due to corona restrictions freely and selectable in simultaneous play. As it turened out in the past two years this way of performing adaptes very well to the currend requirements and restrictions. Although this year our hygine concept continues to refer to the recommendations  of the AGV and the R.I.F.E.L..


Even though we all longing for the warm and sunny month to come, we are already looking ahead to the dark season which will inevitably comes again sometime..

  • AUTOTHEATER DREAMER offers you and your audience a mixed form of being “at home” and yet  being a physically part of a large audience.
  • THE LEGENDS OF MORALAND enchant your audience with an installation parcours by Theater ANU.
  • SO CLOSE TO HEAVEN developes its poetic power even without physical performers and can be staged for longer periods and under all kinds of corona restrictions.


If you are curious now just contact us! We are more than happy to give you further informations or just find out toether if Theatre ANU could fit into your current needs.


Stay save & keep your cultural desire
Bille & Stefan Behr and the whole team ANU