A truly poetic production, a gentle spectacle for young and old to dream and meditate on; Stefan Behr and Bille Behr have staged this sensuous pageant in several cities already. When the old suitcases pile up at the various stations, their battered exteriors evidence of many journeys, it is extremely beautiful and at the same time absurd. They are all empty; anyone is free to fill them with their dreams, or with their everyday burdens, to carry them for a stretch, then put them down again and be free for a moment.

Kölnische Rundschau

It takes a little while till you are allowed inside, but this time is enlivened by the fool on the gate with his amazing stories and songs. The light installation on Klüberplatz resembles a journey into memories, past desires and dreams: one of the performers lets feathers fall from a ladder; another confronts guests with a mirror; a third attempts in vain to detach himself from a heavy suitcase. This maze-like garden of change holds many such delicate images, wondrous tones, stories and music in store for its visitors: a huge and magnificent finale to the tenth street festival theatre.

Mannheimer Morgen

Imagination and reality melt into one. Each visitor experienced this sensual adventure in an entirely personal way. Showing everything from mild uncertainty to profound shock, they described their inner impressions afterwards. For some, the evocative images in the maze made their encounters with other searchers a memorable experience in itself. People met on tiny islands of happiness and – in this highly poetic, sensual atmosphere – saw each other in a truly different light.

Münstersche Zeitung

It was an overwhelming sight. Theater Anu had used thousands of candles to transform the Schloss gardens into a labyrinth of warm light. The players who populated the labyrinth evolved powerful, archetypal images and created beings who both succeeded and failed, often holding us at one spot, preventing progress on the ‘great journey’: fallen angels, searching for the land of their dreams, bound to their own suitcase, or their life’s baggage, or to a Sisyphean task with no goal. Seen from the balcony of the Schloss it was a breathtaking view of symmetrically-aligned life-lines, made entirely of light.

Badisches Tagblatt

Visitors’ Feedback

I came across this show quite by chance but I’m incredibly grateful for the privilege to experience this dream-like performance. I remain totally fascinated and deeply touched. I can’t find the words to say how great it was. My heartfelt thanks for this absolutely unforgettable experience!

Christel Mauler, Kehl an der Rheinpromenade

My senses were so enraptured I was able to lose myself completely. This is what I have been looking for in theatre since my childhood: liveliness – all the senses engaged. Thank you for this.

Arndt Kuntze, Stahlgraue Nacht, Peine

Every actor, all of the costumes, suitcases and stories, everything transported me to a world I know only from books. A world which captured me and which I couldn’t let go of…

  Manuel, tête-à-tête Rastatt

Many, many thanks for devising such an amazingly ingenious production, and making it reality in such a deeply moving way – and above for all giving so many people the chance to experience something like this.
I am still enthralled by the many experiences and impressions I picked up on my almost three-hour journey through the labyrinth of lights. It really was a journey to the centre. I only realised shortly before 1 a.m. that I really had spent three whole hours on ‘the journey’. Unbelievable.

Christine Scharr, tête-à-tête Rastatt