Every member of the audience wanted to award the actors performance with thundering applause this though would not have suited the quiet and sensual imagery created to match a play which should enable a new angle on Grimms fairytales…. The directors Bille and Stefan Behr have truly commemorated the fairytales of Grimm with a fitting monument.

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The directors Bille and Stefan Behr have distanced themselves from kitsch, gothic-fantasy and cheap spooky thrills.They thus achieve something great. Independent and magical.

Hessian and Lower Saxony general Press (HNA)

Minimalistic acting and textual consistency between direct play with the audience, mythical archaic language and Grimm-like fairytale sound, the six actors Jacek Klinke, Markus Moiser, Karen Rém, Tim Engermann, Bärbel Aschenberg and Johanna Malchow present the legendary panorama  in a fiting way.

Hessian and Lower Saxony general Press (HNA)

Visitors` Feedback

Schattenwald in Kassel. Last Night. Absolutely fantastic. You bewitched your spectators. I am still fascinated and have taken home many pictures and feelings to reflect on a later stage.

The forest was balck and silent and inbetween the most impressive of scenes and excellent actors. We are still entangled bei our impressions. What remains is an unforgettable experience.

It was dreamlike- magical and enthralling. The melody at the end still resounds in my head. It was SO beautiful. I hope my little offering could pacify the giants and still their hunger.