MoraLand and its splendid, exuberant performers have many wonderful impressions and inspirations in store. Theater Anu have succeeded in creating a fabulous mis-en-scene, a poetic allegory for a responsible approach to nature which also creates a sense of involvement in the audience.

Mannheimer Morgen

Normality is slightly different here. When people find themselves standing in the midst of this world they have two options: to shake their heads and remain outside, or simply to marvel and delight at what they see. […] And so the visitors can flit around and about the park with the forest ranger Vanja and make friends with trees, hold strings to their ears in the Schwingklingklang tent and listen to softly interlaced tones, or gamble with the gorgeously insane seed keepers Taruk and Gomb for access to ‘No-never-land’. Sounds strange? It is, but in such a warm-hearted, pleasant way it becomes enormous fun. The entire park is turned into a stage and guests become both spectators and protagonists.

Aachener Nachrichten

The pleasant, indeed lovable thing about this theatrical installation is the friendly but existential urgency with which the actors sustain their curious figures. These Moranians are not here to show us something; they have something to ask us, yearning and grappling for our goodwill, and launching an oddball charm offensive, because otherwise they are lost.

Braunschweiger Zeitung


Visitors’ Feedback

Many thanks to the Moranians! A gift for our senses, our perception and for the child in us!

The most beautiful theatre I have ever seen. Vanda!

MoraLand is real, a magical kingdom of delight and amazement. An indescribable experience.

It was wonderful to be in MoraLand. I love this kind of theatre; I already know it from seeing The Great Journey in 2009 in Ludwigshafen. I hope the company will visit us next year too! Thank you very much!